Sunday, March 18, 2007


Seafood are the best kept secret in Britain. Their exciting brand of melodic indie-rock has spanned some 5 albums over the past 11 years. Though once labeled Sonic Youth imitators, the band have since developed a sound of their own, most obvious on their folk-tinged 4th record As The Cry Flows. Here, in mp3 form, are some excellent, and rare b-sides taken from their many singles.*

Seafood - Boggle
Taken from the 'Cloaking' single

Seafood - Last Outpost (Original Version)
Taken from the 'Good Reason' single

Seafood - Blue Bolt
Taken from the 'Western Battle' single

Seafood - What May Be The Oldest (Original Version)
Taken from the 'Led By Bison' single

*Note to record labels: please release a Seafood singles collection. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

do you have this song called "wiloows song" by sefood,i want to dowwn it and i have found many place,but can not find it ,can you give me a download link,i am very very thank you!!!